Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Death In Half And The Whole Body

Ploy was spending the school holiday with his grandparents in their home far from the city. He brought with him ideas he had acquired from school.

One day, he asked "Grandpa, could you tell me where my computer game is?"

"Sorry, dear child. I don't even know the word Computer. How can I tell you where it is located?" replied Grandpa.

"Oh, sorry to hear that, Grandpa. You should upgrade your memory system and make it high-tech, so you will go with the times," Ploy said. "You don't even know the word computer, you seem to be dead in half of your body," he continued.

Later on the same day, Ploy and his grandpa went to the pagoda by boat. Halfway there the boat began to take in water very fast, and looked like it would sink in the deepest part of the river.
"What are we going to do, Grandpa? I don't know how to swim" said a very scared Ploy who began to cry.

His grandpa began laughing and said to his grandson, "I don't know what the computer is: I'll die in just half of my body. But you don't know how to swim. If the boat sinks, you will die, not in just half, but in your whole body."

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